Global Routes provides a unique learning experience abroad for teens and college students. They are successful because of the quality of the programs they run. This is a complex task that needs a lot of coordination and staff time. When we first meant with them it was clear that their current FileMaker 6 solution took a lot of time to maintain, provided no historical data, and was cumbersome to work with.

With the support of the staff, as subject matter experts, we decided to build them a new system from scratch in FileMaker 7 that would meet their current needs, and be able to grow with them.

Over the years we have added to the database functionality.
  • Rebuilt the web site so content could be added directly from the database
  • Add a rich mailing module so HTML mailings can be sent directly from FileMaker by passing the mail client
  • Added an on line referral system

“We have worked with Dan Stein and Digital Software Solutions for 6 years now. Dan has provided a great many technology solutions for us, saving lots of staff time and money in the process. We have completely overhauled our database and fully integrated into our web site with him, making managing the web content a real pleasure. Dan has been great to work with, at times offering advice on what might be possible to do, and at other times helping stay within our budget. I can’t say enough good about what his consultation and web/database development has meant for our organization.” Kenneth Hahn