Roughton Galleries, Inc. specializes in American and European paintings from the 19th and early-20th century. They first came to DSS because a long-term project to build a content-driven site was stymied. They had a basic design, but were unable to get the dynamic content and performance they needed. DSS was able to re-engineer the site so it was up and running in four days. Over the years since then, we have worked on several re-designs with the gallery. The challenge is to keep the site fresh, make searching easy, and give added value to becoming a site member. Content for the site can change daily, and the owner has to be able to manage those changes easily from within the database, rather than needing Web design skills and tools. We accomplish this with a custom designed FileMaker solution, taking full advantage of all the built-in functionality of FileMaker 10.

  • All the information you see about the paintings and artists is stored in the database; but the information is “served” on the website using XML files generated out of FileMaker and Javascript.
  • From the database, the gallery is able to just click a button that creates an updated XML file and sends that file from their computer to the proper folder on the website.
  • The photos related to a painting can be uploaded to the site directly from the database using a PHP page and FileMaker’s Webviewer.
  • A FileMaker plugin allows content rich emails to be sent to targeted members when paintings they have expressed interest in become available.
“As one of the few art galleries with a website in the 90’s, Roughton Galleries discovered how important it is to find the right team to develop an innovative, fresh and easily manageable website. After a few disastrous relationships, we discovered Dan Stein and his team at Digital Software Solutions.

Having a relationship with the right website developer is what it takes to convey a professional image to each and every visitor to Roughton Galleries. Unlike other developers who we interviewed, we soon learned that Dan listens. His team at Digital Software Solutions was able to take my thoughts and ideas for our website and put them into action.

95% of Roughton Galleries business is generated through our website which makes having a professional relationship with Dan Stein and his team at Digital Software Solutions incredibly important and cost effective.”
Brian Roughton, President, Roughton Galleries, Inc.